Quinkana timara

Quinkana timara is one of four species in this genus of mekosuchine crocodiles. The genus has an Australian fossil record spanning the late Oligocene to the Pleistocene. Quinkana timara is known from the mid-late Oligocene fossil deposits at Bullock Creek in the Northern Territory, making it the second oldest species in this genus. it has long been argued that due to its long legs, Quinkana may have been terrestrial, or at least semi-aquatic.

Specimen number: NTM P895-19
Geological age: Oligocene
State/territory: Northern Territory
Locality/site: Camfield Station, NT Blast Site, Bullock Creek Local Fauna

Rostrum and cranial fragment of Quinkana timara NTM P895
Rostrum and cranial fragment of Quinkana timara NTM P895

Skeletal element: Cranium fragment

Skeletal element: Rostrum (partial right)


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