Gogodipterus paddyensis 

A ‘chirodipterid’ lungfish (dipnoan).

The scanned specimen is from Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia.

Skeletal element: Neurocranium with palate.
Specimen number: WAM.70.4.250
Significance of specimen: Contains labyrinth region, including semicircular canals.
Geological age: Frasnian
State/territory: Western Australia
Locality/site: Fitzroy Crossing

Long JA. 1992. Gogodipterus paddyensis gen. nov., a new chirodipterid lungfish from the Late Devonian Gogo Formation, Western Australia. The Beagle, NT Museum 9.

Clement AM, Challands TJ, Cloutier R, Houle L, Ahlberg PE, Collin S, and Long JA. 2022. Morphometric Analysis of Lungfish Endocasts Elucidates Early Dipnoan Palaeoneurological Evolution. eLife 11:e73461.

Image credit: Alice Clement