Palorchestes painei

Members of the family Palorchestidae have been present in Australia from the late Oligocene through to the late Pleistocene. Featuring tall, narrow skulls with small orbits and a long, narrow snout, their unusal morphology and rarity of fossil material has led to various hypotheses on how these animals lived and looked. The Miocene Palorchestes painei is a poorly known taxon due to the scarcity of fossil material.


Skeletal element: Cranium
Specimen number: NTM P5559
Geological age: Miocene
State/territory: Northern Territory
Locality/site: Main Pit, Alcoota

Cranium of Palorchestes painei NTM P5559

Woodburne, M. O. (1967). The Alcoota Fauna, central Australia: an integrated palaeontological and geological study (No. 87). Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics.