Ngapakaldia tedfordi

Ngapakaldia tedfordi is a sheep sized diprotodontid known from the late Oligocene of central Australia. It is one of the earlist known members of the Diprotodontidae family.

It shares a number of skeletal characteristics with arboreal marsupials, but scientists are unsure if this is a true indicator of its ability to live in trees or simply an ancestral character.

Below we feature a scan of the holotype.

Skeletal element: Cranium
Specimen number: SAMA P13851
Significance of specimen: Holotype
Geological age: Oligocene
State/territory: South Australia
Locality: Lake Ngapakaldia

Holotype of Ngapakaldia tedfordi, a cranium. Photo by J. D. van Zoelen 2020.

Weisbecker, V., & Archer, M. (2008). Parallel evolution of hand anatomy in kangaroos and vombatiform marsupials: functional and evolutionary implications. Palaeontology51(2), 321-338.