Spriggina floundersi

Spriggina floundersi, the state fossil of South Australia, is only found within the Rawnsley Quartzite of South Australia. Described as being bilaterally symmetrical and having a broadly ‘segmented’ body plan, with a ‘head’ and ‘tail’ end. Not much is known about this enigmatic organism, and its preserved features may not be homologous to those seen in modern animals. While hypothesised to have been capable of movement, no direct evidence has been published. About 2–5 cm long.

Specimen number: 
Geological age: Ediacaran
State/territory: South Australia
Locality/site: Flinders Ranges

(Text: Tory L. Botha and Diego C. García-Bellido, UofA and SAM)

Image: Diego GB. Spriggina floundersi P40137+Parvancorina minchami P59528

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