Westralichthys uwagadensis

An arthrodire (dinichthyid) placoderm known only from one incomplete skull roof.
The scanned specimen is the holotype, from Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia, most likely from the Virgin Hills Formation.

Skeletal element: Cranium
Specimen number: WAM.86.9.664
Significance of specimen: Holotype
Geological age: Famennian
State/territory: Western Australia
Locality/site: Fitzroy Crossing

LONG J A 1987. A new dinichthyid fish (Placodermi: Arthrodira) from the Upper Devonian of Western Australia, with a discussion of dinichthyid interrelationships. Records of the
Western Australian Museum 13, 515–540.

Reconstruction of the primitive dunkleosteid placoderm, Westralichthys uwagendensis, from the Late/Latest Frasnian-aged Gumhole Formation of Canning Basin, Western Australia. Holonema westolli in the background for size comparison.