Meniscolophus mawsoni

Meniscolophus mawsoni is an enigmatic diprotodontid known from the early Pliocene of the Tirari Desert in South Australia. Very little is known about this species, as only a handful of specimens have been found.

The 3D scans available here – the lower mandibles (jaws), a molar tooth and a partial maxilla (upper jaw) – are from the holotype specimen.

Skeletal element: Mandibles
Specimen number: SAMA P13647
Significance of specimen: Holotype (part)
Geological age: Pliocene
State/territory: South Australia
Locality: Woodard Quarry, Lake Palankarinna

View scans of other skeletal elements from the Meniscolophus mawsoni holotype

MaxillaMolar tooth (upper third)

Upper molar of Meniscolophus mawsoni
Upper molar of Meniscolophus mawsoni - still image taken from scan.