Pitikantia dailyi

Pitikantia dailyi is a sheep-sized diprotodontid that is only known from the Oligocene of the Lake Eyre Basin in central Australia. One of the earliest diprotodontids, this species is poorly understood due to its rarity in the fossil record.

The bones that can be viewed here are all from the holotype specimen from Discovery Basin, Lake Ngapakaldi, South Australia.

Specimen number: SAMA P13852
Significance of specimen: Holotype
Geological age: Oligocene
State/territory: South Australia
Locality/site: Discovery Basin, Lake Ngapakaldi, Etadunna

A map showing Lakey Eyre and Lake Palankarinna
By derivative work: Melburnian (talk)Australia_1916_south_australia.jpg: McCarron, Bird and Co. - Australia_1916_south_australia.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4279371

Skeletal element: Dentary (right)

Skeletal element: Premaxilla (right)

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