Redlichia rex, this is the largest trilobite (a marine arthropod) of the Cambrian in Australia. It is considered a predator, as its legs have short robust spines capable of crashing its prey, including other mineralised organisms, and even thought to have been capable of cannibalism.

Two specimens are present in this collection: the holotype of the species (SAMA P40181) and one of the largest specimens known (paratype SAMA P35572). This trilobite grew to about 20 cm in length

(Text: Tory L. Botha and Diego C. García-Bellido, UofA and SAM)

Skeletal element: Whole organism
Specimen number: SAMA P40181 & SAMA P35572
Geological age: Cambrian
State/territory: South Australia

Image: Diego GB. Redlichia rex P40181 - Holotype specimen.
Image: Diego GB. Redlichia rex P35572.