Meiolania brevicollis


Meiolania brevicollis belongs to an extinct genus of meiolaniid turtles that were present in Australasia from the Miocene to the Pleistocene (and possibly in to the Holocene). This species is the only member of this genus that has been identified on mainland Australia so far.

Holotype of Meiolania breicollis, a right squamosal
NTM P870103-2, Holotype of Meiolania brevicollis
Meiolania brevicollis partial shell SAMA P43061
Parial shell of Meiolania brevicollis SAMA P43061

Skeletal element: squamosal (right)
Specimen number: NTM P870103-2
Significance of specimen: Holotype
Geological age: Miocene
State/territory: Northern Territory
Locality/site: Blast Site, Camfield Station

Skeletal element: partial shell
Specimen number: SAMA P43061
Geological age: Miocene
State/territory: South Australia
Locality/site: Lake Pinpa

Megirian, D. (1992). Meiolania brevicollis sp. nov.(Testudines: Meiolaniidae): a new horned turtle from the Australian Miocene. Alcheringa16(2), 93-106.