Eoandromeda octobrachiata

Eoandromeda octobrachiata, an octoradial spiral organism found in Nilpena Ediacara National Park, South Australia as an external mould in sandstone and in South China as a carbonaceous compression in shale. Named after the Andromeda galaxy, this 8-armed spiral organism has conflicting hypotheses regarding its mode of life (sessile vs pelagic) and where it fits in the tree of life. Grew up to 5 cm in diameter.

Specimen number: SAM P42440, SAM P44349
Geological age: Ediacaran
State/territory: South Australia
Locality/site: Flinders Ranges

(Text: Tory L. Botha and Diego C. García-Bellido, UofA and SAM)

Eoandromeda octobrachiata – Specimen Number: SAM P42440

SAM P42440

  • Published/figured in Zhu et al. 2008 (fig. 2A, B)
  • Zhu, M., Gehling, J. G., Xiao, S., Zhao, Y. and Droser, M. L. 2008. Eight-armed Ediacara fossil preserved in contrasting taphonomic windows from China and Australia. Geology, 36, 867-870.

SAM P44349

South Australian Museum gallery specimen, imaged by Tory Botha.