Onychodus jandemarrai

An onychodont fish (lobe-finned fish bearing tooth whorl).

The scanned specimen is from the Gogo Formation, Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia.

Skeletal element: XXX
Specimen number: WAM.XXX
Significance of specimen: XXX
Geological age: Frasnian
State/territory: Western Australia
Locality/site: Fitzroy Crossing

Andrews, M., Long, J., Ahlberg, P., Barwick, R. and Campbell, K., 2005. The structure of the sarcopterygian Onychodus jandemarrai n. sp. from Gogo, Western Australia: with a functional interpretation of the skeleton. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of The Royal Society of Edinburgh96(3), pp.197-307.

Holotype skull of sarcopterygian Onychodus jandemarrai (WAM 92.8.2). Cropped from Fig. 4 from Trinajstic et al. (2022)

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