Project title: Will an eCommunity of Practice (eCoP) focused on hip fractures improve evidence-based practice in aged care?

This project has been funded by the Hospital Research Foundation. The research aims to understand ways of improving care for people living in residential aged care who fracture their hip. Currently, most people who live in residential aged care and fracture their hip do not receive rehabilitation after leaving hospital. The project aims to:

  • Help aged care home staff learn about evidence-based post hip fracture care recommendations
  • Find out whether this makes a difference to care practices in residential aged care settings

The project will focus on hip fracture care recommendations related to:

  • Mobility – getting residents with hip fracture out of bed and moving
  • Pain management
  • Maintaining weight
  • Secondary fracture prevention

We are recruiting residential aged care staff ‘facilitators’ to join an online Community of Practice and receive training, support and mentoring from fragility fracture experts at Flinders Medical Centre. Each facilitator will develop and implement a plan to increase hip fracture care knowledge and practice in their facility.

It is hoped that this project will provide insights into ways in which hip fracture care can be sustainably improved in residential aged care, and that the research will contribute to improvements in the planning and delivery of future aged care treatments and services.