Additional Residential Aged Care Research

The extensive data collected for the INSPIRED study has enabled additional analyses of various aspects of residential aged care. The listed publications from INSPIRED examine facets such as medications, food and dining, economic analyses, Consumer Directed Care and quality of life measures.

Summaries for industry


What are Australian aged care residents willing to pay for tastier food? (PDF 2MB)

Improving dining experience for people with dementia (PDF 499KB)




Understanding the barriers and enablers to the use of outdoor spaces in nursing homes: a systematic review.
Van den Berg M, Winsall M, Dyer S, Breen F, Gresham M, Crotty M. (2019) Gerontologist. 2019. (In press)

Patterns of medication prescription by dementia diagnosis in Australian nursing home residents: a cross-sectional study
Liu E, Dyer SM, Whitehead C, Kouladjian O’Donnell L, Gnanamanickam ES, Harrison SL, Milte R, Crotty M. (2018) Journal of Pharmacy Practice of.

Taste, choice and timing: investigating resident and carer preferences for meals in aged care homes
Milte M, Ratclife J, Chen G, Miller M, Crotty M. (2018) Nursing and Health Sciences; 20:116-124.

Introducing consumer directed care in residential care settings for older people in Australia: views of a citizens’ jury
Introducing consumer directed care in residential care settings for older people in Australia: views of a citizens’ jury (PDF)
Laver K, Gnanamanickam E, Whitehead C, Kurrle S, Corlis M, Ratcliffe J, Shulver W, Crotty M. (2018) Journal of Health Services Research and Policy;

Struggling to maintain individuality – describing the experience of food in institutional long-term care for people with cognitive impairment
Milte R, Shulver W, Killington M, Bradley C, Miller M, Crotty M. (2017) Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics; 72: 52-58.

Where’ the evidence? A systematic review of economic analyses of residential aged care infrastructure
Easton T, Milte R, Crotty M, Ratcliffe J. (2017) BMC Health Services; 17:226.

Association of Cardiovascular System medications with cognitive function and dementia in older adults living in nursing homes in Australia
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An empirical comparison of the 5Q-5D-5L, DEMQOL-U and DEMQOL-Proxy-U in a post-hospitalisation population of frail older people living in residential aged care
Ratcliffe J, Flint T, Easton T, Killington M, Cameron I, Davies O, Whitehead C, Kurrle S, Miller M, Liu E, Crotty M. (2017) Appied Health Economics and Health Policy; 15(3): 399-412.

An empirical comparison of the measurement properties of the EQ-5D-5L, DEMQOL-U and DEMQOL-Proxy-U for older people in residential care
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Advancing aged care: a systematic review of economic evaluations of workforce structures and care processes in a residential care setting
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Diagnosis of dementia in residential aged care settings in Australia: An opportunity for improvements in quality of care?
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