Research students


Jacob Blokland

PhD candidate

Project title: A phylogenetic investigation of Oligocene-Miocene fossil ralloids (Aves, Ralloidea), and the origins of crown group Rallidae


Arthur Crichton

PhD candidate

Project title: Pwerte Marnte Marnte: Characterising an Oligocene vertebrate fauna of central Australia


Diana Fusco

PhD candidate

Project title: Impacts of environmental change on the late Quaternary mammalian fossil fauna at Cathedral Cave, Wellington Caves, central eastern Australia


Grant Gully

PhD candidate

Project title: Dietary evolution and palaeoecology of the extinct diprotodontoid marsupials


Isaac Kerr

PhD candidate

Project title: Systematics and palaeobiology of kangaroos of the late Cenozoic genus Protemnodon

Aubrey Kiernan

Honours student

Project title: Endocranial comparison of the nocturnal Letter-winged Kite to other raptors


Ellen Mather

PhD student

Project title: Relationships of the fossil Accipitridae (eagles and kin) of Australia and the origins of the extant fauna


Phoebe McInerney

PhD candidate

Project title: Reconstruction of Genyornis newtoni crania and semicircular canals for palaeoecological and phylogenetic inference

Corinne Mensforth

PhD candidate

Project title: Brain endocast relationships in living and extinct vertebrates

DSC_3674 - crop

Lisa Nink

PhD candidate

Project title: Comparing the early Pleistocene mammalian faunas of inland and coastal southeastern Australia

20200618_145210 - Copy

Rachel Oertel

Honours student

Project title: The Pliocene mammalian fauna from Corra-Lynn Cave, SA and its implications for Australia’s faunal evolution

Cassia_museum - Copy

Cassia Paragnani

PhD candidate

Project title: Systematics and evolution of echidnas


Amy Tschirn

PhD candidate

Project title: Functional morphology and evolution of early kangaroos

Jacob van Zoelen

PhD candidate

Project title: Systematics and evolution of late Cenozoic diprotodontid marsupials