Completed student projects


Fraser Brown (Honours) – The Brothers Islands: Palaeoecology of the southern Eyre Peninsula as revealed by a late Pleistocene megafaunal cave deposit

Isaac Kerr (PhD) – The systematics and palaeobiology of kangaroos of the late Cenozoic genus Protemnodon


Nicia Burgess (Honours) – Dromornithid trackways from the Neales River, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, South Australia

Diana Fusco (PhD) – The impacts of environmental change on late Quaternary fossil fauna at Cathedral Cave, eastern Australia

Tim Niederer (Honours) – Diversity and systematics of Australian Pleistocene flamingos

Rachel Oertel (Honours) – The Pliocene Mammalian Fauna of Corra-Lynn Cave, South Australia, and its implications for Australian Marsupial Evolution


Warren Handley (PhD) – Endocranial anatomy of Australasian flightless galloanseres, with a focus on evolutionary transformation and the phylogenetic utility of the avian brain

Aubrey Keirnan (Honours) – The nocturnal Letter-winged Kite (Elanus scriptus, Gould, 1842) and diurnal birds of prey: visual anatomy differences are not like night and day

Kailah Thorn (PhD) – Integrating fossils, morphology and molecules to understand the diversification of egerniine skinks

Petar Tomic (Honours) – A new eubrachythoracid arthrodire (Pisces; Placodermi) from Gogo, Western Australia. Systematics, phylogenetics and biogeography of the new ‘eastmanosteid’


Elen Shute (PhD) – Early and Middle Pleistocene non-passerine bird fossils from the Thylacoleo Caves, Nullarbor Plain

Nimue Gibbs (Honours) – The late Quaternary squamates from Cathedral Cave, Wellington, New South Wales


Samuel Arman (PhD) – Diets of the Macropodidae inferred through Dental Microwear Texture Analysis

Nathan Brown (Honours) – Analytical comparison of taphonomic features on fossil material from Lake Pinpa and Billeroo Creek, Namba Formation

Arthur Crichton (Honours) – Small mammal responses to early-middle Pleistocene climate change in south-central Australia: biodiversity and body size

Phoebe McInerney (Honours) – Analysis of syrinx, hyoid, and larynx morphology in the Southern Cassowary, Casuarius casuarius (Aves, Palaeognathae) and implications for palaeognath phylogeny

Cassy Petho (Honours) – Small vertebrate remains from recent raptor accumulations in the Lake Eyre region and their ecological implications


Aidan Couzens (PhD) – Late Cenozoic evolution of the macropodoid dentition

Ben King (PhD) – The early evolution of jawed vertebrates (gnathostomes), with a special focus on sensory systems and the application of Bayesian phylogenetic methods

Amy Tschirn (Honours) – New phascolarctid material from the Lake Frome Basin and its implications for the taxonomy and palaeobiology in Madakoala


Rachel Correll (PhD) – Determinants of body-size variation within Australian mammal species

Ellen Mather (Honours) – Diversity, morphological change, and flight capability in the fossil rail (Aves: Rallidae) taxa of the St Bathans Local Fauna, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

Jacob van Zoelen (Honours) – Digitally reconstructing of the skull of the extinct marsupial Nototherium inerme (Diprotodontidae) and inferring diet using multidisciplinary analyses


Amy Macken (PhD) – Natural variation in south-eastern South Australian small mammal communities through the late Quaternary

Diana Fusco (Honours) – The biodiversity of the Holocene terrestrial mammal faunas of the Murray Mallee

Warren Handley (Honours) – A late Miocene Mihirung ménage à trois, dimorphism of the dreamtime dromornithids

Louise Roberts-Manuel (Honours) – A description of fossil teleostean fishes form the Mannum Formation, South Australia, and their relationship to extant fishes


Matthew McDowell (PhD) – Late Quaternary faunal responses to environmental change and isolation on a large Australian land-bridge island

Shaun Adams (Honours) – Palaeoecological investigation of a terminal Pleistocene–Holocene assemblage from Kelly Hill Cave, Kangaroo Island

Dale Nelson (Honours) – Functional morphology of the macropodid nasal cavity

Miyess Mitri (Honours) – Addressing the mound-building capabilities of Sylviornis neocaledoniae, a giant galliform bird from the Holocene of New Caledonia


Qamariya Nasrullah (Honours) – Unravelling the evolutionary history of the kangaroo subfamily Sthenurinae

Samuel Arman (Honours) – Documentation and interpretation of vertebrate scratch marks in Tight Entrance Cave, Western Australia


Amy Macken (Honours) – A palaeoecological investigation of the Grant Hall fossil deposit, Victoria Fossil Cave, Naracoorte, South Australia


Lesley Moore (Honours) – Functional morphology and palaeoecology of the extinct macropodoids, sthenurines and Protemnodon spp. (Marsupialia; Diprotodontia)