PhD candidate
Corinne Mensforth

I’m studying the animals of the Devonian Period, specifically how fish evolved into vertebrates that started living on land. I’m studying changes in the size and shape of the space in the skull that housed the brain (the endocast) of extinct animals to predict behaviour patterns based on those changes over time. I’m also looking at the endocast and its relationship to the brain itself in some living species to help us make better predictions about the size and shape of brains in extinct animals. I’ll be looking at some new Devonian fossils in the latter half of my PhD studies, as well as looking for fossils out in the field.

I studied for my BSc at Flinders University and completed my Honours year in the Lizard Lab supervised by Prof. Mike Bull in 2005. I’ve started my PhD studies in 2020 supervised by Prof. John Long, Dr. Alice Clement and Prof. Mike Lee.