Research Assistant
Meg Martin

I am an anatomist, with a strong interest in comparative anatomy, especially in Australian marsupials (although I would be more than happy to dissect any cool animal!). I use both physical muscle dissection and 3D shape analysis to look at intraspecific variation, and investigate relationships and trade-offs between morphology and behaviour.

After finishing my undergraduate at Adelaide Uni, I moved to Murdoch University in Western Australia where I studied sperm competition and sexual selection in the Western grey kangaroo. I then completed my PhD in 2020, in which I quantitatively investigated intra- and inter-specific variation in forelimb adaptations to digging in Australian monotremes and marsupials to examine the link between skeletal morphology and muscle architecture. I joined Flinders University in the Weisbecker lab in 2020, where I have made the big leap into research on skulls! I am part-time at Flinders, and a full time mum.

Twitter @MegL_Martin