Policy Advisory Group

The Policy Advisory Group ensures that the project’s work is relevant to current policy concerns at national and state levels. Comprising expert academics, policymakers and advocates, the Policy Advisory Group advises on research priorities for the project, knowledge transfer and exchange processes, and on the relevance of analysis for policy. It also assists with dissemination of findings in government and policy-advocacy circles.

Penny Dakin
CEO, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

Anne Hampshire
Head of Research and Advocacy,
The Smith Family

Kelly Hand
Deputy Director (Research),
Australian Institute of Family Studies

Sophie Takmaki
SA Department for Education

Sally Gibson
SA Department for Education

Helen Connolly
South Australia Commissioner for Children and Young People

Emeritus Professor Peter Saunders
University of New South Wales

Dr Leila Morsy
College of Medicine and Public Health,
Flinders University