Welcome to the Marine and Coastal Research Consortium

Flinders University, South Australia

Our focus

Marine and coastal ecosystems play a vital role in providing important ecosystem services to people and biodiversity. Cumulative pressures on coastal and marine ecosystems require innovative approaches that lead to sustainable ecological and economic benefits. Given the interactive nature of environmental, social, and economic impacts driven by increasing resource use, the need for an integrated understanding of marine and coastal ecosystems has never been higher.

Our approach

Our research activities span and integrate across a diverse number of pure and applied disciplines, ranging from organisms to entire ecosystems. To do this, we bring together complementary skills in ecology, geomorphology, engineering, archaeology, genomics and oceanography to develop scientific solutions in collaboration with key government, industry, and community partners.

Our goals

We aim to develop integrated scientific solutions for challenges to marine and coastal ecosystems that are based on continued discoveries and proof-of-concepts. The generation and exchange of new scientific knowledge to assist policy makers and stakeholders in sound decision-making lies at the heart of this consortium.

Our research themes

Our research program includes a broad scope of all aspects of life, environment, and human relationships with the sea to form a rich centre for marine, coastal and maritime studies. Our research fits into four broad and integrated Research Themes:

Development of autonomous marine vehicles, and composite structures and materials for marine applications.

Fundamental knowledge of ecology & evolution of organisms for implementing environmental solutions.

Physical oceanography, coastal geomorphology and marine archaeology of the Australian region.

Biological functions & mechanisms of seafood sustainability for ecosystem productivity & health.