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In the hope that the worst of the pandemic will be over, and that travel will be possible, Sharyn and Kathy expect to participate in the International Institute for the Sociology of Law workshop “Empirical Research with Judicial Professionals and Courts: Methods and Practices” scheduled for 23 and 24 June in Oñati, Spain, as well as the Global Meeting on Law and Society in Lisbon, to be held 13-16 July.  Sharyn is a co-convenor of the workshop with Professor João Paulo Dias and Dr Paula Casaleiro from Coimbra University, Portugal.

In Lisbon, Kathy and Sharyn will present as part of a panel entitled “Methods of Analyzing Emotions” organised by CRN 42, Law and Emotion, and participate in a virtual “New Books in the Field” panel, where they will discuss their latest book, Judging and Emotion: A Socio-Legal Analysis (2021 Routledge).

In November, Sharyn and Kathy will present a paper entitled “The Interview as Text” at an Academy of Social Sciences in Australia workshop addressing the question: “How to Research Emotion in and around Law?” in Adelaide, Australia. This workshop is being organised by Sharyn and Associate Professor Katie Barclay (University of Adelaide) and Associate Professor Kate Rossmanith (Macquarie University), who will be a Distinguished Research Fellow at Flinders University in 2022.

It is expected that the final report of the Australian Law Reform Commission Review of Judicial Impartiality will be released early in 2022.   Both Sharyn and Kathy have contributed to this project: Kathy as a member of the Advisory Committee, and Sharyn as a Research Advisor, especially in relation to the extensive empirical research conducted by the ALRC as part of the review.

Sharyn will also participate in a hybrid virtual and in-person workshop on Governing Through Contagion:  Perspectives Across Time and Space to be held in the Faculty of Law, University of Singapore, 19-21 April 2022.  Her paper, co-authored with George Sarantoulias is entitled: ‘Instruction and Information, Images and Icons:  Governing contagion, social regulation and public health’.   She is also invited as a plenary speaker to a conference entitled Psychological mechanisms in criminal justice:  Deconstructing objectivity, to be held at the Institute for Criminology, University of Slovenia, Ljubljiana in July, 2022.

Sharyn is a Chief Investigator (one of eight) on a large Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant announced late in 2021, entitled: Judges’ work, place and psychological health – a national view.  The grant is being administered through the University of New South Wales.  Combining socio-legal and psychological approaches, the project will generate new knowledge about the stress judicial officers experience, the resulting psychological harm, and the human, juridical and financial costs of this harm. Expected outcomes include evidence-based strategies for recruitment and retention of judicial officers, including individual and institutional management of stressors. This research should provide significant benefits for judicial work capacities and courts’ delivery of justice.


While 2021 presented considerable obstacles to ongoing academic work, the Judicial Research Project has continued with an active research program, involving publications, presentations and engagement with courts and other public users of the Project research expertise and findings.


Publications for 2021 involve outcomes from several long-standing collaborations.  These include an article on feminist judging in lower courts co-authored with Rosemary Hunter, University of Kent;  another article on aspects of research into and regulation of judicial emotion with Jennifer Elek and David Rottman, part of a long-standing collaboration with the National Center for State Courts in the USA, and a book chapter with Jennifer; and an article co-authored with Jordan Tutton, also part of a multi-year collaboration, on the intersection of judicial impartiality, bias and emotion.

See the publications section for more detail of these and other publications.

Our latest book Judging and Emotion: A Socio-Legal Analysis (Routledge 2021) has been reviewed favorably in the  Journal of Law and Society:


While travel for in-person presentations was not possible in 2021, Sharyn gave virtual presentations to the Queensland Magistrates in September and participated on-line as a discussant in two sessions at the Law & Society Association Annual Meeting. One was on ‘Methodologies in Law and Emotion Research’ and the other was in an Author meets Reader session discussing Cyrus Tata’s recent book Sentencing: A Social Process Rethinking Research and Policy (Palgrave MacMillan 2020).

Via zoom, Sharyn gave a presentation entitled ‘Sociology of Law and Sociology of Deviance: Past, Present and Future’, to the Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 24 November 2021.

Other research contributions

Sharyn was a co-organiser for an international workshop to be held at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, at Oñati, which has been postponed to 2022. Sharyn was also a co-organiser for a workshop sponsored by the Academy of Social Sciences Australia, to be held in Adelaide, Australia. That workshop has also been postponed until 2022.

Sharyn and Kathy were both actively involved in contributing to the Australian Law Reform Commission Review of Judicial Impartiality, especially in relation to the extensive empirical research conducted by the ALRC as part of the review. Judicial Research Project research was considered extensively in Background Papers published as part of the Review.