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Plans in 2021 for face to face events such as the Law and Society Annual Meeting (Chicago), a visit to the National Center for State Courts, participation in the Research Committee for the Sociology of Law, the Working Group for the Comparative Study of the Legal Professions and a return to the University of Coimbra Portugal to continue work with the Centre for Social Studies on their study of judicial workloads, may become possible, but much remains uncertain, throughout the world.


As so many have experienced, personal and professional plans have dramatically changed as a result of the pandemic.  We at the Judicial Research Project are fortunate to be well and able to remain actively working.

Our book Judging and Emotion has now been published by Routledge.  See

A refereed journal article has appeared in the Journal of Law & Courts (USA).  A chapter in a scholarly edited collection has been published and two others are forthcoming in 2021. See publications for details of these and earlier publications.

Our collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Elek of the National Center for State Courts (USA) continues with an analysis of judicial emotion display and management as revealed in judicial disciplinary records.  Work with Professor Rosemary Hunter, University of Kent, on feminist judging in lower courts has resulted in a completed manuscript. Several chapters in edited collections have been submitted, addressing varied aspects of emotion, emotion management and judicial work.


In May 2019, Sharyn attended the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA, as part of a Collaborative Research Network on Law and Emotion and another on Innovations in Judging. She participated in a roundtable addressing courts, court actors, institutional design, and navigating courts and was the discussant in a session entitled “The Role of Institutions in Shaping Emotional Expectations’.

In June 2019, Sharyn visited the National Center for State Courts (USA) to continue the Project’s ongoing work with Dr. Jennifer Elek at the National Center for State Courts. This was also an opportunity to mark the retirement of Dr. David Rottman of the NCSC, who initiated this valuable and productive collaboration. It was expected that Dr. Elek would plan to visit Flinders University during 2020.

Also in June 2019, Sharyn participated in the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law Working Group for the Comparative Study of the Legal Professions held at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati, in the Basque region of Spain.

Sharyn visited the University of Coimbra, Portugal in September 2019 to continue work with the Centre for Social Studies as part of her role as an invited collaborator on a major grant-funded project entitled ‘Quality of Justice in Portugal’.


In October 2019, Sharyn was the inaugural recipient of the Flinders University College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Award for Research Excellence for 2019.  This award recognises outstanding and innovative international and national research, research leadership and impact.Award


Sharyn and Kathy have given presentations at a number of important recent Australian and international events, to judicial as well as academic audiences.  All presentations were co-authored by both Sharyn and Kathy.

Presentations to judicial audiences include Sharyn’s presentation in November ‘Researching Courts and the Judiciary’ to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in Melbourne, and in February Kathy gave a presentation to Queensland magistrates in Brisbane ‘Judicial Communication and Court Craft in Busy DFV courts’ co-authored by Rosemary Hunter. Kathy also participated in a panel discussion on communication and court craft in Domestic/Family violence courts.

In March, Sharyn gave a presentation to a large judicial and academic audience, along with several other international speakers, addressing judicial emotion and impartiality at a conference organised by the National Judicial College of Australia and held at the Australian National University.

Sharyn gave several presentations to academic audiences in Australia and internationally.  In September Sharyn spoke at a conference at ANU invited by Professor Linda Mulcahy, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and Director of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at Oxford.  In August, Sharyn gave an invited seminar at the Law Futures Centre at Griffith University.  In June Sharyn gave presentations at international conferences as well as an invited lecture at the University of Urbino Italy.  At the Law & Society Association annual meeting in Washington DC, she was part of a roundtable featuring her recent co-edited collection Judges, Judging and Humour (with Dr. Jessica Milner Davies).  She gave two presentations at the Oñati 30th Anniversary Conference (Spain) as well as a workshop presentation.


Publications in 2019 have communicated project findings to academic and judicial audiences internationally and in Australia.  Publications include chapters in three scholarly international edited collections and an acceptance of a fourth.  One collection has been translated into and published in Portuguese.  Refereed journal articles have appeared in the International Journal of the Legal Profession (UK), and the Oñati Socio-Legal Series (Spain).

Kathy and Sharyn, along with Stina Bergman Blix (Uppsala University Sweden) and Terry Maroney (Vanderbilt University USA) recently published  “Introducing an Interdisciplinary Frontier to Judging, Emotion and Emotion Work’ in  a special edition of Oñati Socio-Legal Series on Judging, Emotion and Emotion Work (2019 vol 9 no 5)  They are also co-editors of the issue, which contains 15 other contributions from scholars from eight different countries, in disciplines including law, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, rhetoric, social work, history and criminology.

On 8 February 2019, as part of the Conference of the Australian Humour Studies Network, Judges, Judging and Humour was launched by the Hon. Marcia Neave AO, former judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria.  The book, edited by Jessica Milner Davis (University of Sydney) and Sharyn Roach Anleu (Flinders University), includes eight chapters, with authors from Australia, Brazil, England, Sweden and the USA, and combines empirical research with literary and cultural studies approaches.  The book can be ordered directly from Palgrave.  A sample chapter is also available online.

International collaboration

In December 2019, Sharyn and Kathy continued their work with Professor Rosemary Hunter on feminist judging during Rosemary’s visit to Australia.

In October 2019, Sharyn was an invited visiting scholar at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, as part of her role as an invited participant in a major grant-funded project entitled ‘Quality of Justice in Portugal’.

In April 2019, Kathy met with Prof. Les Moran of Birkbeck College, Dame Prof. Hazel Genn at University College London, and with Prof. Cheryl Thomas also at University College London about the Project’s proposed National Judicial Survey.  She also met with Prof. Rosemary Hunter at the University of Kent, a collaboration which has resulted in the submission of a manuscript for publication.

In June 2019, Sharyn visited the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) (Williamsburg, VA) to continue the collaboration with Dr Jennifer Elek.