Research collaborations

Project research, past and future, has entailed research collaborations with colleagues in Australia and internationally.

International collaborators include Dr Stina Bergman Blix, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden and Dr Åsa Wettergren, University of Gotenburg, Sweden and Professor Terry Maroney, Vanderbilt University USA focussing on research methods for studying judicial emotion; Professor Cyrus Tata, Strathclyde University on judicial emotion and sentencing; Professor João Paulo Dias, Centro de Estudios Socialis and Dr Paula Casaleiro, investigating judicial workload and working conditions in Portugal; Dr. Francesco Contini, Institute of Legal Informatics and Judicial Systems (IGSG-CNR) National Research Council of Italy, dealing with international approaches to judicial performance evaluation; Professor Rosemary Hunter, University of Kent focussing on feminist judging in the lower courts; Emeritus Professor Leslie J Moran, Birkbeck College University of London focussing on judicial imagery; Dr. Jennifer Elek and Dr. David RottmanNational Center for State Courts addressing judicial performance evaluation and emotion; and Ulrike Schultz FernUniversität, Germany, working on gender and judging.

We are part of the Innovations in Judging Collaborative Research Network (CRN 43), the Gender and Judging CRN (CRN 32), and the Law and Emotion CRN (CRN 42) of The Law and Society Association. Sharyn is now a co-convenor of CRN 42, along with Renata Grossi, University of Technology Sydney and Shailesh Kumar Birkbeck College, University of London.

In Australia, research on the judge and sentencing has been undertaken with Dr. Russ Brewer of Adelaide University and with Dr. Jessica Milner Davis (University of Sydney) and with Carly Schrever, University of Melbourne and Judicial College of Victoria on judicial stress and wellbeing. Previously, the Workload Study was undertaken with Professor Anne Wallace, who at the time was at the School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University and is now an adjunct professor at the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre, Victoria University.