Our research and industry-related activities can be categorised under two principal themes: Defence and Water & health.


Associate Professor Sophie Leterme – Director

A/Prof Leterme is leading a research group on biofilm studies, working on many different environments, from seagrasses microbiomes to desalination systems. For the past 10 years, she has focused on the impact of marine microbes on industrial infrastructures, working alongside chemists and microbiologists to identify the effect of environmental changes, water treatment and novel antifouling coatings on biofilm formation. She is the director of the Biofilm Research & Innovation Consortium at Flinders University.

Professor Mats Andersson

Prof Andersson is a world expert in polymer technology and electrochemistry who has for the past years partly focused his research on the development of smart and green anti-fouling coatings. He has experience in numerous areas related to the use of polymers such as paints, composites, semiconducting and conducting polymers and surface modifications. Over the years Andersson has been involved in numerous successful international collaborations resulting in a large number of highly cited co-authored publications. Currently he is director of Flinders Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology.

Water & Health

Dr. Harriet Whiley

As an environmental health office and environmental microbiologist Dr Whiley’s research is aimed at informing risk management strategies to protect human health from microbes in the environment. She has experience quantifying microbial air quality, water quality and evaluating novel treatments, antimicrobial coatings and disinfection protocols. Her skills in human health risk assessment and microbiology ensure that research projects are designed to identify solutions that best protect human health.