Current Projects

Conducting coatings for control and eradication of unwanted marine biofilms. CIs: Andersson, M., Leterme, S.C., Bressy, C. (Université de Toulon, France), Briand, J.-F. (Université de Toulon, France). 2021-2023.

Assessing the microbial initiators of biofouling and the pre-conditioning layer on antifouling coupons. CIs: Leterme, S.C., Jamieson, T. 2021.

Develop and test active coatings to prevent the growth of unwanted organisms on marine surfaces. CIs: Andersson, M., Leterme, S.C., Fabretto, R. (University of South Aust.), Scardino, A. (Defence Science & Technology), Brundin, I., & Johansson, M., (ASC Pty Ld.). 2020-2021

Assessing coating performance. CIs:  Leterme, S.C., Jamieson, T., Andersson, M., Mathieson, G. (University of Adelaide), Smith, A. (Graphene Technology). 2020-2021.

Healthy Coorong Healthy Basin Trials and Investigations – Component 2: Investigating the drivers and control of filamentous algae and restoration of aquatic plants in the Coorong. CIs: Waycott, M. (university of Adelaide), Nicol J. (SARDI) & Leterme, S.C. 2020-2021.

ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing ( led by Deakin University, Flinders University, Monash University and Curtin University. Involve collaboration with 28 participating organisations across three countries led by Patti, A. co-CI: Tang, Y. 2019-2022.

Completed Projects

Hospital water as a source of antimicrobial resistant infections. CIs: Whiley, H., Brown, M., & Ross, K. 2019.

Preventing biological growth – a new generation anti-biofouling coatings. CIs: Andersson, M. & Nyden, M.  PI: Inganäs. O. 2016-2019

Development of a novel urinary catheter with improved antibacterial properties. CIs: Koeper I. PIs: Gordon D. (Flinders Medical Centre’s Head of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases). 2015.

Bacterial colonisation and TEP production within biofilms on reverse osmosis membranes. CIs: Leterme, S.C., Balzano, S., Jamieson, T. (National Centre for Excellence in Desalination Australia). 2013.

Assessing the biofouling role of microbes in the desalination system; from the intake pipe to the reverse osmosis membranes. CIs: Leterme S.C., Brown M., Ellis A. PIs: Dixon M., Drikas M., Kildea T., Chow C. (SA Water), Winters H. (Nanyang Technological University). 2011-2014.