Conducting coatings for control and eradication of unwanted marine biofilms

Biofilms grow on all surfaces and environments posing environmental threats and economic issues globally, costing billions each year to those attempting to eradicate them. To date, biofilm’s detailed response to variations in electrochemically generated redox stress and shear is unknown in marine environments. The project aims at (i) developing novel electrically conducting carbon based paints that are stable in marine environments and (ii) investigating how marine biofilms respond to these coatings. The expected outcome of this project is the
development of a green alternative antifouling technology that can be used on demand in marine applications.

This ARC funded Discovery project, led by Prof. Andersson, A/Prof. Leterme, A/Prof. Bressy and A/Prof. Briand, provides a new solution for controlling the biofouling of surfaces immersed in oceans.