About our project

This project aims to examine engagement in meaningful activities among older adults. We expect to generate new knowledge on the components of activity programs that are key to their effectiveness, as well as evaluating a new tailored approach to promoting engagement that aligns with individuals’ unique strengths, capabilities and values.

Expected outcomes of the project include an enhanced understanding of mechanisms contributing to the success of activity interventions for older adults, and the development of a new activity program protocol and associated educational materials. The findings will provide benefits for community organisations and aged care service providers adopting innovative approaches to promoting ageing well.

Key Investigators

Chief Investigators

Assoc Prof Tim D. Windsor, Flinders University of South Australia

Prof Mary A. Luszcz, Flinders University of South Australia

Dr Trevor G. Mazzucchelli, Curtin University

Dr Ruth B. Walker, Flinders University of South Australia

Partner Investigators

Assoc Prof Robert S. Stawski, Oregon State University

Ms Amber M. Watt, ECH Inc.

Partner Organisations

The City of Onkaparinga

The City of Onkaparinga actively promotes engagement of its older population through a recognised Positive Ageing Strategy that encompasses a number of community initiatives. This project will provide a critical evidence base to inform the future development and refinement of programs for social activity engagement that form a central part of the broader Positive Ageing Strategy.


EHC Inc.

ECH Inc is a not-for-profit aged care enterprise that offers a range of services and support to more than 15000 predominantly older South Australians. Services provided include housing for older adults (retirement villages), wellness centres, social programs, and in-home support services. ECH is committed to supporting and participating in research that will be of direct benefit to older Australians and support their preference to remain living independently in the community.


Office for Ageing Well, SA Health (formerly the Office for the Ageing)

Office for Ageing Well supports and administers the Office for the Ageing Act (1995) and the Retirement Villages Act (2016), and a range of programs to assist older South Australians remain active and engaged in community, civil and economic life. The Office for Ageing Well is responsible for implementing Prosperity through Longevity: South Australia’s Ageing Plan 2014-2019, in partnership with government, non-government organisations and older South Australians. The State Ageing Plan recognises the diversity of older South Australians and has a commitment to engaging older people in opportunities to contribute to policy and program development has across its three strategic priorities: Health, wellbeing and security; Social and economic productivity, and; All-ages-friendly communities.


Oregon State University

The Oregon State University College of Public Health and Human Sciences has an international reputation for high quality research in individual and population health across the life course. Set within the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the Center for Healthy Ageing Research aims to be an internationally known centre for innovative research, education and outreach that enhances the quality of life for older adults, their families and communities.