Sustainability Factors to Consider – what do we know now?

The SEEI team is currently reviewing models of sustainability in the literature, and combining this with information gathered from our interviews across different organisations. These sources describe important factors to consider, ideally from the pre-implementation phase, and provide evidence for their relative importance.

We present here a summary of emergent Sustainability Factors from this work in progress. This will develop further into an evidence based, updated model during the project. In turn, this will inform updated measures and surveys for organisations to use to plan and map their progress.

Download the Sustainability Factors (DOCX 23KB)

Annotated Bibliography

This is a working paper under continuous development that presents summaries of the literature on sustainability. It will evolve from an alphabetically based summary of each paper reviewed into a final document that organises these summaries according to our emerging model of sustainability factors. This will allows users to select areas of relevance to their own setting and choose to either read summaries or find more detailed information.

This annotated bibliography has been prepared by the Sustainability of Effective Educational Initiatives Research Project team located at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant, DP170100237.

Download the Annotated bibliography (PDF 1MB) – last updated 3 Dec 2019

Measurement tools for sustainability

In the document below, you will find links to four measures of sustainability.

As this project progresses, we are building a resource that will not only list currently available survey tools but also categorise them according to

  • Setting (e.g., healthcare, schools, general)
  • Type (e.g., readiness assessment, planning guide, measurement of outcomes)
  • Validation of measure (does it measure what it aims to?)
  • Evidence gathered via this measure (which factors have been shown to be important for sustainability?).

Download the Measurement tools for sustainability (DOCX 42KB)

Overview of Sustainability Measurement Tools

This document summarises published reviews of sustainability measures, and provides an overview of sustainability measures themselves.

Taken together with our interview data, this information has informed our development of a new measure which we are currently pilot testing: the Sustainability of Effective Educational Initiatives – Site Improvement Self-Assessment Tool. This online tool is designed to assist schools/organisations in considering the broadest range of factors that are likely to impact on long term success of education initiatives.

Please email Helen Askell Williams if your organisation would like to take part in trialling our measure.