Saint Michael’s College primary campus

St Michael’s College is a Catholic School committed to the Lasallian vision of education and to challenging and supporting students to “be the best they can be”.

The Flinders University research team are investigating the highly successful and long-term environmental sustainability program at St Michael’s Primary School. St Michael’s environmental sustainability program began in 2011 with the establishment of the kitchen garden program. From there, the focus on environmental sustainability has grown considerably. St Michael’s has joined the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, developed wetlands, appointed a part-time Sustainability Officer, implemented waste management systems and have begun developing nature play areas amongst other initiatives.


Principals Australia Institute

Principals Australia Institute (PAI) is a leading national services organisation providing quality professional learning, leadership development and principal certification to Australia’s school leaders.

PAI are collaborating with the research team to explore the factors that lead to social and emotional health and wellbeing programs being sustained in schools across Australia.


Wilderness School

Since 1884, Wilderness School has prepared girls to be adventurous, courageous, responsible and respectful learners and leaders. The mission of Wilderness School is to enable each girl to be the best she can be throughout her life.

With a strong focus on the ‘whole’ girl, Wilderness has embedded a wellbeing/positive education framework and curriculum so that each girl can flourish by being taught the necessary skills to live a life of purpose, fulfilment and meaning. This focus underpins the belief that the wellbeing of each girl is vital for her personal and academic success. Wilderness has applied a research-based approach to wellbeing across the school to empower girls with the necessary tools to flourish and has appointed a Director of Wellbeing & Counselling to enact this strategic intent.

Flinders University researchers are investigating how the school’s enduring focus on the wellbeing of its students has been sustained over time and examining how Wilderness has translated this focus into adaptable programs and initiatives that respond to the changing needs of students. The ability of Wilderness to embed wellbeing and positive education principles into the culture of the school and its curriculum is a core focus of the research.


YWCA Adelaide

YWCA Adelaide work to build strong and equitable communities through the development of women’s leadership. As part of their core mission, YWCA run several high-quality educational programs that aim to enhance gender equality and teach healthy relationships skills to help prevent violence against women. These programs include: Rise Above the Pack, a bystander intervention program delivered to men and women in workplaces and community settings; Respect Communicate and Choose, delivered to young people between 9-12 years old; and Relationship Things, delivered to high school students.

YWCA are collaborating with Flinders University researchers to examine the factors that enable preventative education programs in the area of domestic violence to be sustained over the long term.

NRM Education

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management (AMLR NRM) Board works together with the community, industry and three tiers of government to manage the environment in a way that achieves a balance between our collective need for resources and the needs of the environment. AMLR NRM Board’s Education program uses a whole-school approach to work with school and preschool communities to plan and manage ongoing sustainability initiatives. The team at NRM Education are collaborating with Flinders University researchers to explore how schools can sustain their engagement with and application of principles and practices of environmental sustainability.

Nature Play SA

Nature Play SA’s vision is to make outdoor play in nature an everyday part of childhood.

The Nature Play SA team works hard to empower parents, educators and the broader community with the knowledge to bring the essential elements of childhood back into our lives.

The Flinders University research team are examining how nature play values are sustainability adopted by and embedded in kindergartens, schools, and council play spaces.


The Sammy D Foundation

Through education and awareness programs on drug and alcohol related youth violence, the Sammy D Foundation offers advice and support to people of all ages, equipping them with the knowledge needed to keep safe while still enjoying their life journey. The Sammy D Foundation runs a range of programs in schools and sporting clubs, as well as delivering community programs, such as youth mentoring schemes, to educate young people about the consequences of violent behaviour, and the risks associated with alcohol and drug misuse and to help minimise youth crime in South Australia.

The research team are collaborating with the Sammy D Foundation to explore the factors that make these educational programs sustainable over the long term, examining how the programs must adapt to remain relevant in a changing social landscape.


Country Health South Australia Diabetes Service

Country Health South Australia Diabetes Service runs clinical leadership for diabetes services, provides diabetes models of care and service development, offers training and clinical support and gives access to evidence based standards of care and resources. The team at CHSA Diabetes Service are working with the Flinders research team to explore the factors that have enabled the long-term sustainability of their diabetes education programs, which have been running successfully for over 20 years.


Brighton Secondary School

Brighton Secondary School is a co-educational government high school with a vision to equip all students to be fascinated, inspired and motivated to fulfil their potential. The experienced senior leadership team has a solid history of supporting university based research, and are now sharing their depth of experience with the Flinders University sustainability team to investigate barriers and facilitators to evidence based wellbeing programmes (such as positive education) gaining long-term traction in school settings.


The Rite Journey

The Rite Journey is a year long, school based social emotional wellbeing Rite of Passage program which teachers are trained to deliver.  The program has a ‘curriculum’ of conversations that teachers will guide their students through whilst celebrating the students’ transition over the year via numerous ceremonies that are especially designed for their school during the training process.

The Rite Journey has been created to:

  • Acknowledge and celebrate a young person’s transition into beginning adulthood
  • Provide them with gender specific guidance and learning in this transition
  • Provide strong role models (teachers and mentors) who will guide the students
  • Transform the school culture by building and expecting respect, responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience
  • Educate and include parents/carers in the transition process of their children

In 2018 The Rite Journey will be taught almost 100 schools to over 8000 students in Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Belgium and South Korea.

Andrew Lines, creator of The Rite Journey, is working with the Flinders Research Team to explore the key elements that have led to the program being a sustainable transitional experience for students, families, teachers and schools over the past 15 years.